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Duck & Waffle Local is a chef curated, fast casual restaurant featuring a menu inspired by its signature dish — the Duck & Waffle — complemented by the highest quality, freshest ingredients.

The idea for Duck & Waffle Local was conceived one morning over a coffee. The team and I were sitting in the restaurant, having a catch-up, when we began to discuss one of our favourite subjects: food. Looking around the restaurant we watched people enjoy some of our iconic dishes, and wondered how we could bring these dishes to the street and make them more accessible.

What would happen if we could do away with the two-month wait periods for reservations and explore the idea of using our beloved duck in even more creative ways that have yet to be seen in a fast casual format.

Fast forward two years, and we have an incredible new concept with a unique food and drinks menu to match and a great team of people to make the difference. With Duck + Waffle Local, we are combining the worlds of ‘fast’ food and ‘great restaurants’.

We hope you enjoy our vision to make a fast casual restaurant based on our love affair with duck and an appreciation for the freshest vegetables. At Duck + Waffle we have always done things our own way, and this is no different.

CEO Shimon Bokovza

our mission

Our products come from the best sources and we are devoted to only using ducks raised in a healthy and happy way. This devotion continues to our employees, who represent us and the values we at Duck & Waffle Local stand for. We are a family that takes care of its staff, suppliers and guests….
happy ducks to happy staff to happy customers.

our Duck + Waffle DNA

That same creative spark and devotion to our ingredients runs through us. But we also stand on our own two feet, letting our individual personality shine through.

sharing our love affair with the mighty duck

We are proud to be the first of our kind — a fast casual restaurant that makes duck the star of our menu, the star of our show. It's what sets up apart from the flock.

high quality food with a twist

We work with the best local farms to source the freshest, highest quality and most sustainable ingredients. We celebrate these ingredients in traditional dishes with creative and unexpected twists.

come on in

We are a sociable, happy and communal restaurant. Our manner is relaxed, but our speed of service is not. Our food is affordable, arrives quickly and can be eaten in or taken away.

we're local

We fit around our community. To be there for them as a break from a shopping trip to providing a quick lunch on a busy working day. It's not just the restaurant that's local, we ensure our ingredients haven't had too far to waddle either.